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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Happy 2018!

Personally, I am a fan of even numbered years so that gets 2018 off to a great start for me. In all seriousness, though I’m planning to make 2018 the best year yet with a whole host of New Year’s resolutions, well three. If I can keep them going past February I will see it as a success!

1. Eat more, and better, veg

In what often seems like a never-ending quest for a healthier lifestyle I am committing to purchasing a CSA this year to up my intake of quality veg. What is a CSA I hear you ask through the ether of the inter-tubes?  Well, CSA stands for community supported agriculture and is a way of buying produce directly from the farmers that grow it. There are a number of different CSA models, the most popular of which is very similar to a subscription service. You commit to paying a set amount, either at the start of a season or over a period of time and in return you get a share of the farmers produce. CSAs help support farms by proving a steady income to the farmers, while also supporting your own healthy eating endeavours. CSA’s are normally delivered or picked up on a weekly or monthly basis so you can be sure that you are getting in-season produce that is locally grown. Most farms that offer CSA’s also tend to veer on the organic side of things too for an extra healthy bonus. Learn more about CSA’s and find one near you at

2. Cook more

Resolution number two will hopefully be helped out by following resolution number one. With weekly veg deliveries, I will have no excuse to not cook with it! Last year I committed to cutting down on my love of going out for dinner and did well at limiting myself to eating out for dinner only twice a week. I truly enjoyed learning to cook more recipes, however, I relied on shop-bought sandwiches for lunch a little more than I would have liked. In my defense, those meals deal are a really good deal! So this year I ‘m going concentrate my cooking endeavours onto making easily packable lunches for the workday.

3. Say YES

I’m a bit of an introvert it has to be said, my go-to response when asked if I want to do something spontaneous, is usually along the lines of “Aaaa… no, I can’t”. It’s not that I don’t want to go out and do new things it’s more that I really like being curled up at home with a book… and if I don’t know absolutely everyone who’s going to be attending there is a certain amount of social anxiety that creeps in too. The times that my wonderful friends have managed to drag me out I have genuinely had a good time, and also, how likely am I to meet the man of my dreams if all I do is stay home in my pyjamas!

So here is to 2018, to eating more veg, making lunches and saying yes!  I say a whole world of yes to that!

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