The adventures of

The adventures of

Adventures in Online Dating

Adventures in Online Dating

This will probably shock you, but I had never tried online dating!

With all the trials and tribulations in my search for love, you would think that I would have given this increasingly popular method of dating a try. It is so popular in fact that statistics show that 1 in 5 relationships in the UK now starts online and, I as a lady, have the odds stacked in my favour because there are more men using online dating than women  (52.4%  men compared to 47.6% women)! The same research also threw up some other interesting gems such as the heartwarming knowledge that 71% of people believe in love at first sight,

and the not so heartwarming knowledge that a whopping 81% of people lie about their height, figure or age when it comes to describing themselves using online dating. That aside, 9.1 billion people have given online dating a try so why shouldn’t I?

There is no shortage of online dating sites, to the point that picking ones to try out can easily become quite intimidating. To help me narrow down my choices I’ve  sorted them into 3 general categories and decided to try my luck with one from each category.

So here goes…

The Traditionals: Sites that got put into this category were the classics like, E-Harmony and OK Cupid. While the thought of creating an in-depth dating profile fills me with about as much joy as updating my CV I have to admit that these things exist for a reason and are a necessary evil of online dating. I was initially attracted to eHarmony’s scientific approach to matching couples but eventually settled on partly because they also offer live events like cooking classes and partly because Groupon has some great deals on membership at the moment!

The Flings: Tinder and Bumble sit firmly in this category, and before you start emailing me with stories about how your best friends, dog walkers, hairdresser meet their one true love after swiping right I know that some relationships started on these sites do last, but lets face it, most don’t, and I’m looking for Mr Right, rather than Mr Right Now. That being said I’m doing this in the name of scientific research so I have decided to give Bumble a try. It’s free and has the added bonus that ladies have to start the conversation so hopefully, I can avoid the dreaded creepy PM’s.

The Niche Markets: AKA special interest sites, these ones can help you narrow the field of potential suitors straight away. Initially, I though MuddyMatches was going to be for Rugby enthusiasts but it turns out is for people who like the countryside, be you a full-time farmer or a dedicated weekend welly warrior. Other choices were Love Arts that caters to, you’ve guessed it art lovers and finally, Lovestruck. Designed for Londoners, it lets you search potential matches by their closet tube station! MuddyMatches is my pick for this mostly because I’m intrigued to see where I will fall on their Muddy- Townie ratio that they use to match people up!

So wish me luck on this new adventure, I’ll let you know how it all turns out!



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